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    I am a new user to iannix but I know max/msp,processing,arduino etc.

    I like Iannix idea and philosophy and although there isn’t any documentation(???) I have found my way with it. I have a question about sending osc to iannix (let’s say from max/msp). I would like to create a trigger event real time (when I trigger it from max). What exactly should I write? something like /trigger/setPos x y z ?

    I found a similar thread on the forum but the only answer is in french and a link which doesn’t work

    thanks in advance and greetings from greece,

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    To know the exact syntaxes, you should open the IanniX Helper window (? button in toolbar) and scroll down. You’ll see all the messages generated by the GUI to produce an action. So while this window is opened, add a trigger and you’ll see that you should send in OSC:
    /iannix/add trigger |ID or 'auto'|
    /iannix/setPos |ID or 'current'| |x| |y| |z|

    If you’re using Max, you can immediatly copy to clipboard the needed structure to send OSC from Max.


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    ok thanks that was exactly what I wanted

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