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    the forum, using FF6 here, is not working very smoothly. for example, scrolling is weird. when i scroll down and open a thread, it stays scrolled down, it does not move back to the top of the page (where the 1st post is so where i want to be).
    furthermore, i’d like to see automatic redirection after you make a post. so after i post this i want to see my post after that.
    these are just some of the annoyances. it might be due to phpBB, i don’t know because i’m no forum-software-expert or anything :), but one forum that i do know works very very smooth is the Renoise forum, which seems to be using IP Board (ahh i see, it is not free! well that might be a problem :). anyway, check it out here:

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    We’re not forum-software-expert and we chose phpBB because it was easy to integrate for us. But in fact, to preserve the web design and because it was easier, we integrate phpBB in an iframe (a webpage in a webpage…) but I think it wasn’t a good idea. We’ll try to find some time to correct that! (an open-source solution, of course!)

    But thanks a lot for your feedback!

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    hey, thanks for the reply!
    i understand your choice an appreciate if you would (eventually!) look into this. in my experience the community is just as important as the software, and developers should provide the community with a proper tool for, well, communicating 🙂
    so this suggestion is not solely personal, is what i’m saying… just so you know 😉

3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)
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