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    do you think is possible to set timetag to cursors, so that, when the main clock reaches a certain time, they will start their pattern?
    I know this could be done with commands via trigger, but my observation is the following:

    if i set a cursor pattern on one run only, as soon as i press play it runs till the end. if main clock is continuing that cursor will never play again.
    It will play only if I fast rewind and press play from the beginning.
    This suggests to me all objects receive a « play » message at start.
    Wouldn’t be possible to set a timetag for cursors that could operate (if someone wants to) at a specific main clock time?
    That would give Iannix to have a straightforward sequencer ability as well.
    Or am i missing the whole point?

    Thank you


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    Yes, you can start cursors at a specific timecode using « initial offset » parameter (1st parameter near « CURSORS OFFSET / BEGINS FROM »)
    If you specify a negative initial offset, cursor will start at the given time!

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    Dear Guillaume, thank you for your reply.
    These offset settings change where the cursor will start on the curve.
    At least in my version 0.8.42 beta.

    Under Cursor offsets> »Begins From » I can set the start of the cursor on the curve; « Goes from » I have noticed it does the same thing.

    I would like to know if it is possible to put cursors in relation with the global timing.
    I would like to set an offset, and the cursor waiting at start position at the beginning of the curve, until the global time matches its offset.

    I would do something like:
    starting playback, and two out of three curves don’t play, until a certain time specified. Is that possible at all?

    Hope this is clearer than before, my apologies for the confusion.



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