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    I’m quite new to Iannix and have been playing around with it for a while.
    But there are two basic things I don’t get done.

    1. I cannot find out, how to trigger external events (other software, hardware) using the triggers osc messages.
    I’ve been searching in the messages dialog, but there was nothing like « Trigger active » or similar. Or has it to be done
    in another way?

    2. I wanted to add a background picture to draw curves upon. But when I import a picture, I only get a white field. Changing the
    the background opacity or removing the color didn’t solve the problem.
    Do I have to take care of the images format (well, I tried a few, made no difference) or anything else? Or might it be a bug?

    I’m using Iannix 0.9.17 on Win 10, 64 Bit.

    Thanks a lot!k

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    sorry for spaming… I got the trigger thing working.
    The only problem left is the background image stuff.
    I forgot to mention, that the problem is the same with the Iannix example scores. They also show just a white space where a background image should appear.
    Any suggestions, ideas?

    Thanks a lot!

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