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Alberto Zin

Hello, thanks for the feedback.

I grabbed the last github source, including your last commit (I checked that is present)
but for me it is still « no-go »: I’ve no output from Midi (whatever it is: « from_Iannix » or « Midi Through »)
Did you try on a Linux machine (or virtual one)?
Let me know if I can help.

BTW: in order to build from source I’ve to do 2 small modifications to the code:

1. the first one is related to a devicePixelRatioFScale(), which is undefined in my environment (I understand it is part of Qt 5.6 while I’ve 5.5). I replaced it with 0x10000 where it is present.
2. I had to comment the two lines:
setWindowFlag(Qt::WindowMaximizeButtonHint, false);
setWindowFlag(Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint, false);

in uihelp.cpp (error message tells me that setWindowFlag is undefined in scope). I don’t think that this is a big issue anyway

Thanks again,


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