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Guillaume, a few minutes ago I had one of those  » I am not *really* crazy, am I ?  » – moments.

It occurred to me I had no trigger graphic-rendering problems on 0-8-1, so I retraced my steps. It turns out this problem is system-related. I have two X86 systems active right now:

    1) ASUS motherboard: A self-built Athlon 64 X2 system dual booting WinXP32 and WinXP64

    2) Shuttle motherboard: A SFF P4 box, dual booting WinXP/sp3 and Fedora-14.

I began testing on the ASUS (well, my very first tests were on my Macbook OSX 6), and recently began testing on the Shuttle. This trigger-rendering problem occurs on the Shuttle, but not on the ASUS, regardless of IanniX version. So, I’m going to study this and get back to you when I figure it out.

My initial suspicion is that the ATI video card on the Shuttle does not like your trigger.png and trigger_message.png. I’ll have a look at the color palette and parameters like that. And note: the phenomenon occurs on the Shuttle under both Linux and WinXP. I wonder if the Qt KB has any info on graphics rendering issues.

Sorry to waste your time – I should have rechecked things on the ASUS system before submitting the initial report.


It may have something to due with alpha channel problems. If the video could not render those two pngs’ transparent regions, I might see rectangles (they do render as equilateral, and about the same bounding size as your pngs). I’ll look into this later today!

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