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I think I « see » what’s happening. Just now I had my monitor color corrections set in such a way that certain visual attributes were emphasized. My eyes happened to focus on the right end of curve #10001 the moment its cursor changed direction at the left end of that curve. At that moment, and for only a couple milliseconds, the shape of a cursor appeared at the right end of the line (while it was apparently at the left end changing its direction).

So, here’s my speculation: At end end of its travel, the cursor makes a high-velocity sweep all the way to the other end (it must also reverse at high velocity, but those triggers only generate a single OSC during the retrace, so perhaps the return sweep occurs before the triggers can reset).

I (sort of) « proved » my theory by nudging one of the offending triggers out of reach of the cursor’s path and, indeed, that one did not trigger during the retrace.

Conclusion (speculative, of course): There exist cursor re-scans (maybe call them retrace, after raster-scan technology) that are so fast they’re invisible, and they re-fire any triggers in their path.


@I wrote:

In the attached score, triggers #172 and #173 fire when cursor #1 reverses direction at the end of its curve (when that cursor is nowhere near those triggers). They do also fire at the correct time (when cursor #1 strikes them).

Score and messages-log attached.


    OSX 10.6.7
    IanniX 0.8.2

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