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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to say, I love the new build of Iannix. I am so happy
    to see development still moving forward.

    I do have an issue I was hoping to get some help on. It appears that
    Iannix does not send the event label when it sends its message over OSC.

    My setup:
    Osc output is going from Iannix to a Python receiver (pyOSC). This is what
    it looks like when it arrives on the python side.
    /trigger, fffff, [4.0, -3.025482654571533, -0.022952232509851456, 0.0, 3.0], (‘’, 1234)

    It does send the event id, so I could create a mapping in python from event ID to
    python events. But that would be extra work to maintain. It would be nicer
    to have the label to reference. I could even use the label as a function call.

    So is it possible to send the label over OSC?


    But I would rather be able to send the label that way I could use
    the label as a call to a python

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    Thanks a lot!

    In the current version, you can’t send labels, but in the next one, you’ll be able to do this. If you want to test, you can compile IanniX from the GitHub ; if you’re on Mac, I can give you a DMG.

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    Awesome! Looking forward to the next release.


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    Another quick question…

    The typical event messages looks something like this:
    « /trigger, fffff, [8.0, -4.443630218505859, -0.007144640199840069, 0.0, 3.0], (‘’, 1234) »

    What does fffff mean?

    What do the following elements of the data array mean:
    [8.0, -4.443630218505859, -0.007144640199840069, 0.0, 3.0]
    8.0 is the event ID, what of the others?


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    Yes, next release is plan in about one week.

    fffff means « float argument, float argument, float argument, float argument, float argument ».

    You can see the explanation by double-clicking on the trigger. Then you can see that the message arguments are:

    trigger_id trigger_xPos trigger_yPos trigger_zPos cursor_id

    So, first argument, ID of trigger, then x/y/z position, then ID of curve that triggers the trigger.

    In next release, message editor will be completely revamped to be more user-friendly!

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