Main grid rotates by itself after drawing 6 curves

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    Batu Certel

    Hi there,

    – After I draw 6 curves, the main grid page rotates by itself.

    – Also, when I hit play, the page moves with the cursors in a weird way.

    – Then, the whole score gets stuck and I can’t add anything or use it.

    Hope those bugs will be fixed, thanks in advance.

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    Maître des clés


    First issue: are-you sure you’re not moving the grid by pressing Alt+mouse drag that rotates in 3D the score? To get back to the 2D view, Alt+Dble click on the score.

    Second issue: can you explain us the “weird way” you observe?

    Last issue: maybe it’s linked to the score rotation (when the score rotates, you can’t edit anymore, don’t ask me why:-) So Alt+Dble click in the score may resolve this issue also.


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    Batu Certel


    Thank you for the reply.

    The whole score page is linked to the cursor motions because “CAMERA FOLLOWS OBJECT ID” option inside the OBJECTS tab, is active and is linked to one of the cursors.

    I should edit my bug report as, even if you open a new score, or restart Iannix, “CAMERA FOLLOWS OBJECT ID” option remains as the last project’s setting. For example, If I make the camera follow the 2nd cursor in my last project, that selection is still active even If I jump into a whole new score. As a user, this was confusing for me. So, It would be better if “CAMERA FOLLOWS OBJECT ID” option starts as “no objects” by default, each time the user starts IanniX.

    Thanks for your interest!

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    Maître des clés

    That’s strange because it shoudn’t remain active when you restart IanniX. Try to delete the Settings.ini file in “My Documents/IanniX” folder

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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