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    I’ve tried to connect IanniX to a midi synth (qsynth and ZynAddSubFx), and I can’t hear any sound output.
    It seems like synth doesn’t get midi messages from IanniX, even though qjackctl shows them connected.
    Also, I’m using 64 bit linux (OpenSuse), and lastest version of IanniX.
    Please help me.

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    Also, I’m using « Rosette » example score that seems to be midi compatible.

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    Maître des clés

    To be honest, we’ve never tested MIDI output on Linux… Only OSC and UDP…

    Other users may help?

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    Chris McAvoy

    Wondering if this has been addressed? Would love to hook up Iannix to my external synth via Jack on Linux.

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    Maître des clés

    It works on Linux for sure, but don’t know exactly the best practices to solve your problem…

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    Celio Vasconcellos

    Hi all,

    I downloaded the last Iannix v. 0.9.16 along with the patches for Ableton Live working with MIDI. According to information in this patch, Ableton Live shoud show under Preferences/Midi Sync, MIdiPorts IN: from Iannix and OUT: To Iannix.
    Unfourtunately this not works for me now. I am using the following Sw configuration : Ableton Live v. 9.1 32-bit version, Windows 7.

    By the way I am wondering how MIDI can get running under Iannix without OSC-bridge.

    Thanks for any help

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    Maître des clés


    On Windows, you need LoopBe (http://www.nerds.de/data/setuploopbe1.exe) to create a virtual MIDI bridge!

7 sujets de 1 à 7 (sur un total de 7)
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