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    Mac OS 10.8.4

    Saving IanniX scores does nothing or only saves empty score documents. Reopening saved score results in a blank document.

    Also possibly related: the file browser is not in sync with the Finder and displays duplicate files/folders.

    Really interested in using this software to control SuperCollider once the saving issues are cleared up. Nice project!

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    Same Problem here, since quite a while. Super annoying, when you work on a large score. I duplicate the project in the finder manually, in case the App crashes…so any chances to get this fixed?


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    Admin bbPress


    Are you running IanniX 0.9 or IanniX 0.9.1?

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    same thing just happened to me.
    working on a score all morning before work. came home. opened score. nothing there but the background image i was using. arrrgh.

    iannix didn’t crash at all when working and « saving ». but all my work disappeared………..

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    oh. running v0.9.1beta on os x 10.8.4

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    okay. just figured how to open a « saved » score (work-around). after working on a score,
    from the Inspector panel, click on any other score, say an example one, to open it,
    and the pop-up dialogue appears asking if you’d like to Save Changes before opening the other one…
    well heck yeah i do.
    so, obviously click Yes, and then reopen your new awesome score in the same manner.

    Using File-Save from menu bar is the part that doesn’t work, possibly because there’s no pop up dialogue asking for name and place of your new score.

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    Admin bbPress

    Thanks. Fixed in 0.9.12.

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    saving is broken again in recent version. doing stranger things.. saving certain operations and emitting others.
    nearly impossible to save a completed score currently

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    same problem here with the recent version.

    However version 0.9.12 works for my windows but not on my mac.Any tips?

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    I just upgraded to the latest version 9.13beta and worked on a score for like an hour. Saved as… a couple of versions as I went because the Command-s wasn’t working. Now even the Saved as copies weren’t saved. I never closed Iannix as well. OsX 10.8.3.

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    Also it did selectively save the triggers but not the objects…weird.

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    Admin bbPress

    We’re trying to fix this bug, but we didn’t have it in our last creation with IanniX…
    This beta fix some stuff with saving… If you can give us a reproductible bug with saving, it could help us a lot.

    Beta =>

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    v0914 appears to be saving quite nicely so far! yippee!
    Thanks for the update.

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    so far the saving of the new version works perfect for both mac and pc.thanks!!!

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    Admin bbPress

    Hope this bug is now completly fixed!

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