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    Jacob Hartzell

    I’m experiencing an issue where I cannot use the script editor to change the score. If I press the « Save and refresh score » button, all of my changes are abandoned. similarly with the « Refresh code » button.

    Steps to repeat:
    Create an object in the score view
    open the script editor (Inspector->Files Tab->Double click on the score name)
    make some changes (I was attempting to change x/y pos on a trigger)
    click the Save and refresh score button.
    Changes in the script editor are removed and the original score is replaced.

    IanniX 0.9.14 beta. Using OsX 10.7.5.

    #3344 Répondre
    Jacob Hartzell

    After playing around for a while, I realized that this only occurs in the sections labeled « This section is automaticaly overwritten when saving a score. »

    Does this mean that these sections are unable to be edited by the script editor?

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    Maître des clés


    Yes exactly. If you want to add some code to your graphical score, you should write the code in the function makeWithScript() (add objecte BEFORE graphical ones) or alterateWithScript() (to add code AFTER graphical editing).

    You cannot edit manually the score or you should do this through an external editor.

3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)
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