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    shift-click doesnt work.
    selecting objects with the mouse is not possible. i can only select objects thru the inspector.
    wich becomes a bit of a nightmare when you have more than 10 objects.

    i’m working with the latest iannix version on osx maverick.

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    Benjamin Weiss

    Hi Team,
    I am very happy to find more and more to realize with that wonderful software. Since a week I am working on an important project and now I have a quite « wired » problem. I am not able anymore to select an object with the curser like I am used to. I cant edit the output information anymore as well. That means the hand symbol keeps beeing a hand symbol and pressing shift does not make the differenz to the selection tool anymore. I downloaded an earlier version of Iannix and there the propblem doesn’t appear.

    Plase help so I can finish my work. That would be so wonderfull. Thank you..


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    Maître des clés

    Hi Benjamin,
    Is it linked to 3D? When you are in 3D, selection is disabled, you have to come back to 2D (Alt+dble-click) ?

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    I’m having the same problem on Ubuntu. See this video

    Whenever I put on object onto the score I then cannot select it. The cursor type never changes.

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    Maître des clés


    Just uncheck the « hand » icon in the toolbar!

5 sujets de 1 à 5 (sur un total de 5)
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