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    Adrien Mondot


    I’m having trouble to change the default OSC out port : I would like to send all the OSC bundles on 2337, but when I go in config/network and I set the values to (for both « Default IP » and « make OSC Bundle on ») nothing seems to change.
    If I overwrite my cursor message manually in Iannix’s message editor (i mean : change osc://ip_out:port_out/cursors …values… in something like : osc://ip_out:2337/cursors …values…), the message log indicate the correct address and port, but I don’t receive anything on the 2337 port (I’m monitoring with Osculator).

    Everything is working fine if I stay on the default 57120 port.

    Am I doing something wrong ?
    In the doc it says -> port_out : default port set in ‘Network’ tab

    I’m working on Mavericks with the last stable release of Iannix.


    PS : I’m trying to make my software (eMotion – working « out of the box » with Iannix, it would help me a lot to understand this port problem!

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    Maître des clés

    Hello Adrian,

    You’re totally true, there is a bug with OSC bundles 🙂 The port « 57120 » was hardcoded…

    Before deploying the patch on each version / platform, you can download the beta version here (don’t care if at startup, it popups with a supposed new version, close the popup) :
    Give us some feedback! (I’ve tested with OSCulator)


    PS : et oui, ça sera pas mal que ça marche avec emotion 🙂 encore bravo pour l’outil et surtout ce que vous en faites !

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    Adrien Mondot

    Hello Guillaume,

    Thanks a lot for the answer and the kind word!
    I downloaded the beta 0.9.14 linked there. Unfortunately I don’t receive any data/bundle if I change the port_out configuration to 2337 (or any other port). However the message log of Iannix says it’s sending on the good port (in the previous release it was blocked on 57120).
    here is a screenshot :
    I would love to be able to work with Iannix without having to change all my OSC path!
    I will try to post a screencast of some possibilities I see while mixing eMotion & Iannix.


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    Maître des clés

    Oooh, that’s strange because it works for me…
    Capture d'écran
    You say « I downloaded the beta 0.9.14 » but it should be 0.9.15. Just to be sure, are you sure you made the right update?

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    Adrien Mondot

    Oups sorry, I made a mistake while upgrading, I wasn’t running the 0.9.15 version.
    Everything is working as expected, great!
    Thanks a lot,

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