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    Hi all,

    First thanks a lot for this incredible tool ! As a pure data user I really love the idea to have such a powerful timeline.


    I can’t get the latest version to launch on ubuntu 11.10.
    If i open a terminal, cd to Iannix folder, then ./IanniX, i get

    bash: ./IanniX : fichier binaire impossible à lancer
    (I checked « file is executable » in it’s properties)

    And if I launch IanniX.sh i get

    /home/titi/Bureau/IanniX/./IanniX: 2: Syntax error: « ) » unexpected

    Any hint ?

    A bug I noticed on 0.8.21 is that collision is detected only if the collision curve isn’t a straight line with constant y value. I wanted to try 0.8.22 for that reason, is that a normal behaviour ?


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    Hello Etienne,
    i can only say that in Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bit) i need to compile from source.
    But i had to correct this line in ui_extoscpatterneditor.h :

    #include « ExtOscPatternEditor.h » that has to be
    #include « extoscpatterneditor.h ».

    After this seems that the project was build correctly.

    Hope helpful.

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    i downloaded the window version from this site but i cannot unzip it and popup a window for the zip file not vaild. i tried download in mac and PC, it cannot open from both. is it only my problem?

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    Hmm, I tried a few seconds ago and it worked… Which software are you using to extract archives (ZIP…) ?

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