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Alberto Zin

Hi again :-), sorry to resurrect this necro-thread. After some time (4 yrs) I decided to retry to check if something changed on my side (I switched Linux distribution to Linux Mint 20.1). With my big surprise I was able to build it from source and MIDI OUT now works for me! I post hereafter some notes of what I did in detail:

## Compiling Iannix

The source can be fetched from the [official repository](https://www.iannix.org/en/download-iannix/). Iannix.pro can be opened in Qt Creator. The compile step complains from the missing *script*:

ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: script when building Qt Creator

In order to fix it first of all locate the directory in which **Qt** and **Qt Creator** is installed. In my case:


In my case I have:
– Qt Creator 4.14.0 (« open source »)
– Based on Qt 5.15.2 (GCC 7.3.1 20180303 (Red Hat 7.3.1-5), 64 bit)

In that directory there is a Maintenance Tool. In that tool, from Setup-Qt ==> Install/Remove components ==> Install the « script » plugin.
(BTW, « script » is now deprecated in Qt…)

Then the build process in my case fails with the following message:

/home/alberto/Progs/IannixSrc180318/IanniX/objects/nxcurve.cpp:548: error: Invalid use of incomplete type 'QPainterPath'


	#include "nxcurve.h"
	// az 06022022
	#include <QPainterPath>

in nxcurve.cpp makes the compilation to finish correctly. The DEBUG and RELEASE versions now build and work. Moving the executable:


into ~/Progs/IannixSrc180318/Iannix/iannix

runs ok except that the « File selection » dialog lags a lot.
It seems to work with MIDI OUT only from « Midi Through: 0 », not from the « From Iannix » MIDI port.

Happy so far. I think that we should make an appimage (or flatpack) from the working environment in order to « preserve » it for future use especially if Qt script or other libraries will evolve without back compatibility. I never did it before, so I try to understand if this is a task easy for me..


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