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    Dear Community,
    I’m very new to IANNIX. I have a little bit experience in IANNIX
    as a poor Graphical Sequencer. In this way a love IANNIX.
    And I have used it as a great toll for some Compositions.
    New I have started to get deeper in it. And so the next
    Step would been to start automation by writing my first
    little Scripts. But at this point, I’m very idiotic.
    So my first Script should do the following points.
    1.) Add a straight Line across the Score vertically.
    2.) Put one Cursor to this Line
    2a.) Set the Point to easy Looping
    3.) Add Trigger’s
    3a.) Set this Triggers above and below the Line
    3b.) Make the Cursor so bright that he can activate each of
    The Triggers
    3c.) Set the Triggers to some Groups
    4.) Generate a OSC Messages from all this Triggers
    4a.) This Message should only contain the Group of the
    Activated Trigger
    The Problem is now that I have this wonderful
    To-Do List. But I have no Idea where to start with
    this Project.
    So it will be wonderful can anybody guide me though
    this Coding Process. And at the Point that I have
    no Idea where to start. I will be happy about
    all creative Ideas


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    So I have found that I must get
    run(“add curve ” + (11));

    To become a Curve but I don’t see the Curve
    I think my Problem is that I’m have given
    any Position to this Curve

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    I been a little with in good Process.
    Just I can draw my Line and see this Line
    I have a Cursor put to my Line
    and this Cursor are ready he plays the right Loop and
    he is big enough
    New my next reminding Problem is that I need to put the
    Triggers on my Score.
    Here I can set a little Triger. But I can not randomly
    Spread the Triggers.
    So it will be good can anybody show me the Way to
    make this Working

    What I have is following Command
    run(“setPos current ” + randomIntFromInterval(-5, 5) + ” ” + randomIntFromInterval(4, 4));

    And following Function
    function randomIntFromInterval(min, max) { // min and max included
    return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max – min + 1) + min)

    Can please anybody help me


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    new I have done the next Step.
    I have the Trigers across my Score.
    So the next and final Step will be that this Triggers
    must sent there OSC Messages.

    Please can anybody help me.
    I’m at the last Step to do my Work.


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    All the messages are listed here https://github.com/buzzinglight/IanniX/wiki/4.-Messages-and-commands
    And when you type a command in the script window, the syntax is displayed on the bottom on the window.
    Hope it helps!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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