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    I just discovered the iannix seq and I want to use it with Ableton Live.
    I tried without success this two Max4Live devices to make Live communicate with iannix:

    IannixSequencer 1.42


    I followed the instructions really carefully and a couple of times.
    I thought that maybe the (internal windows) firewall blocked the communication so I disabled it – again no success.

    What I could examine is that the patch “IannixSequencer 1.42” send the control data to iannix. So when I change values in “IannixSequencer 1.42” it is sent to iannix but the midi information from iannix don’t go to Ableton Live.

    I’m really clueless atm and would appreciate any help.

    My setup:

    Windows 10 Pro (latest version)
    Ableton Live 10.1.14
    Iannix 0.9.20 beta
    IannixSequencer 1.42
    iannixtomidi 0.1

    Maybe someone has an idea what is the problem. What may have I oversee?

    Thank you very much and stay healthy.

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