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    Hello All,
    i have just downloaded IanniX 8.22. The prebuild for linux doesn’t work, then
    i have try to compile from source. Errors.
    Seems that in ui_extoscpatterneditor.h there is this line

    #include “ExtOscPatternEditor.h” that has to be
    #include “extoscpatterneditor.h”.

    After this seems that the project was build correctly, at least IanniX start!
    Now i will go to experiment this new version.

    Thank You for that,

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    Hi Franci

    Are you able to rotate the view into 3D by Alt dragging on it? I understand from Dave that the Alt key is not available for application use in many Linux systems. We worked out a solution to use the Windows key as the modifier.

    If you need this fix, download the attached version of uirender.cpp and replace the one you have with it. This has a conditional compile that uses the Windows key for 3D rotation just for Linux.

    Also, where did you download the 0.8.22 code from? I have the code because I’ve been contributing to it but I’m not sure which exact version was made publicly available and from where.

    – Chris

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    Hello Mr. Chris,
    i can use the old way, ctrl+alt, for 3D movement.
    Mr. Dave is the guru on linux.
    Anyway, i downloaded IanniX source from here (

    I will try like You recommend, but i’m not able to see any attachement here
    (but this is the third try to post this message, so i don’t know if it’s a my problem).
    Maybe on google repo?

    Thanks for Your work,

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    Hi Franci,

    So on your Linux system ctrl+alt rotates the view so you can see it from other directions – i.e. in 3D? Then Qt for Linux must remap ctrl+alt to be equivalent to alt.

    If you can already rotate the view with ctrl+alt, then you don’t need the file I tried to send. For some reason the file didn’t get included anyway even though I attached it before sending the message.

    – Chris

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    yes, it was so in version 8.21, and it worked, and it’s right too for 8.22.
    Apologies i forgot to say what is my system (!)
    I’m using Ubuntu 10.04.


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    It looks like the 8.22 pre-build Linux version was built only for 64-bit systems. Could a 32-bit pre-build version be created, please?


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