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    Paul D

    I am a user of the version 0.9.20 beta. I encounter a recurring bug on very simple projects (1 cursor, 1 curve, 10 triggers): the cursor does not activate every time the triggers when they are located on sharp angles (less than 45°).
    However the release notes said this problem should be fixed:
    «IanniX 0.8.43 : Fix cursor bug that doesn’t trigger triggers with very angular curves»
    Does someone knows how to solve this ?
    Thank you very much.

    je suis un utilisateur de la version 0.9.20 beta. Je rencontre un bug récurent sur des projets pourtant très simples (1 curseur, 1 courbe, 10 triggers): le curseur n’active pas à chaque fois les triggers situés sur des angles aigüs (inférieurs à 45° environ). Cependant, d’après les notes de version, ce problème semble déjà avoir été traité :
    «IanniX 0.8.43 : Fix cursor bug that doesn’t trigger triggers with very angular curves»

    Merci de votre aide,

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    Hi Paul,

    That’s “normal” even if I understand it’s not convenient. If you have an angular shape (let’s take an exemple, two segments of line), the cursor cannot trigger your triggers between the two segments (on the angle) because it is not defined (geometrically the cursor is on the first segment OR on the second, nothing between). If you want it to trigger 45° triggers, you need a curve line with a very small curved angle so that the cursor move smoothly between the two segment of line. Am I clear 🙂 ?

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    Paul D

    hello, thank you for your reply. I tried to resample the curve with rounded angles. It does not work very well, few triggers still do not activate. If I understand correctly the problem occurs when two segments of the same curve are simultaneously in the cursor? So the size of the cursor is also important? I also do not understand why the activation of these triggers varies randomly according to the speed of the score. Paul

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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