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    Hello dear Community,
    I’m very new to Innaxis
    And I#M out of every Idea who to start with Innaxis
    I# would be happy it would there give a “Hello-World” – Example
    A Example which produce any Sound.
    An which will tell me the way how this Sound would be generated

    So I’m in the hope that you can give me a adivce

    With very Hope

    Mungo 1981

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    IanniX doesn’t produce any sound, it’s just an OSC/MIDI-controller ; please have a look at our videos or examples provided with IanniX!


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    Thank you IanniX,
    but where can I find this Videos and Examples.
    I’m verry stupid.
    I think I can find Examples in the Esample Directory but I can not find videos

    A verry stupid


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    Hugo Vogel

    How do i open the “Message editor” i Iannix.

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    Dble-click on a trigger or on a cursor (not the curve, the cursor)!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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