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    I’m totally unfamiliar with Trig in general, but I’d like to use this curve equation — (cos(t)+cos(29t)/2+sin(61t)/3, sin(t)+sin(29t)/2+cos(61t)/3) — in Iannix (and equations like it). It doesn’t work when entered into the curve equation window, can someone give me a brief explanation? How would I write it so Iannix understands it?

    Many thanks.

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    Yep, you need 3 equations : how ‘x’ depends on ‘t’, ‘y’ depends on ‘t’ and z depends on ‘z’ (or in a polar way, how radius, angles depends on ‘t’).
    So you need 3 equations, not only one. Or you need to put constant values in other equations. You need something like that

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    Fantastic! Thank you. I definitely have more studying to do.

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    Another q – is there a way to define a range of t? Like: -10 ≤ t ≤ 10? For example, if I head to http://graphsketch.com/parametric.php and plot cos(100t) on x(t), and sin(100t) on y(t) w/ the previously expressed range, I get what looks like a gear.

    Am I looking at this in an off way? Could you point me somewhere that can explain the basics of what I’m looking to do? Thanks again, appreciate you bearing w/ me & my lack of knowledge.

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    In IanniX, t goes from 0 to 1. So instead of drawing f(t) with t going from -10 to 10, draw f((t+10)/(10--10)) = f((t+10)/20) = replace all the t by (t+10)/20

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    Very good, thanks for your quick response Iannix.

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