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    in the project I’m working on, I want to draw lines from iannix cursors, I use vvvv to get osc data.

    iannix scrambles the indexes of the curves- for whatever reason. Let’s just take an example with only two points, for simplicity. So, point A has an assigned index 1 and point B has an assigned index 2. Point A travels from position xy to position x1y1 and point B travels from position x’y’ to position  x’1y’1. At some point in time and for some reason, the indexes of the two points get swapped for a milisecond or so, meaning that the point A briefly swaps places with point B. Visually, if you just draw the points A and B in v4 you cannot notice that, but my nodes will draw a line there, as the trajectory xy->x1y1 will briefly become xy->x’1y’1 and x’y’->x’1y’1 will become x’y’->x1y1.

    Does anyone know where this comes from and how to solve this problem? I’m really confused because a lot of this project is about drawing lines and that’s impossible.
    thanks in advance!


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