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    I’m currently using Iannix with synthesizers through MIDI and it works perfectly.But i want to use it it with a drum machine. For those who don’t know, there is a limited amount of Midi Notes that triggers this type of equipment. This is an example from the drum machine that i am using:

    Kick Drum Bass/Kick Drum 36 C1
    Snare Drum Electric Snare 40 E1
    Lo Tom Low Floor Tom 41 F1
    Hi Tom High Floor Tom 43 G1
    Cl. Hi Hat Closed Hi Hat 42 F#1
    Cl. Hi Hat lang Pedal Hi Hat 44 G#1
    Open Hi Hat Open Hi Hat 46 A#1
    Clap Clap 39 D#1
    Rim Shot Rim Shot 37 C#2
    Crash Crash 49+50 D2+C#2
    Ride Ride 52+53 E2+F2

    So, can someone help me with a simple script that i can limit the midi trigger output to just certain notes?

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