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    Hello guys!

    I’m totally new to javascript, but maybe you will have time to help me a bit. I have an idea to control the speed of cursor, and both x and y positions of the triggers with my Myo armband via OSC (through MyoMapper, where i get at least 3 values – x/y/z values of the position of my hand) and then to operate sound with Max/msp. I’m getting the osc messages in iannix, but i have still no idea how to make at least one of them working for my purpose. I have tried with creating messages for triggers and cursor,-but still no proper result. Maybe someone could help me with that issue? Maybe i need to paste something into the script window??
    thanks in advance!


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    Hi Alisa,

    The best way to understand OSC in IanniX is to open the Help window (button in the toolbar) and to for example, move a trigger in the GUI. At the bottom of the Help window, you’ll see the OSC message to send to reproduce the action (if you see setPos t x y z, then the OSC syntax is /iannix/setPos t x y z). You can also copy a small Max patch from this help window.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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