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    David B


    Just trying to get my teeth into Iannix. Couple of questions – can anyone offer any advice?

    1 – I can stop and start a cursor using direct messages e.g. direct:// setSpeedF 24 0, direct:// setSpeedF 24 1. Is there a similar way to reset the position of the cursor to where it would be when the score is first played?

    2 – How does one deal with incoming OSC messages in script? I’d like to be able to control aspects of the score externally.

    Is there a single source of documentation anywhere? This is a great tool and clearly very powerful, but it’s hard to get your teeth into from cold…

    Thanks and best wishes

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    1 — Yes, setTime <id> <seconds> or setTimePercent <id> <percentage of length between 0 and 100>
    To discover theses commands, open the “Helper” window, then move the cursor along the curve with your mouse and the commands will appear in the bottom of the helper!

    2 — Open the “Script” window and scroll to function onIncomingMessage(protocol, host, port, destination, values) {. In this fonction, all incoming messages (MIDI, OSC on port 1234 by default) will go there. If you send OSC messages while Console tab opened, you will see some usefull logs 🙂

    Thanks for using IanniX!

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    Is there any future Documentation of the Receiver Function:
    function onIncomingMessage(protocol, host, port, destination, values)

    And in which way I will receive this future Information

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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