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    alejandro hh

    so i want to use pianoteq with Iannix, if i draw a 5 second diagonal line from C4 to F4 and i have a resolution of 100 cents per half tone, we would listen to 500 hundred notes attacked in 5 seconds. also if i put a trigger on Y=8.890 id listen to a G# plus 890 cents(Each second on the Y grid is a half tone where Y=0 is C4), i sent a message to the pianoteq people for some help and they responded this:
    “Iannix does not seem to be able to send “MIDI realtime tuning” messages.
    You should get in touch with the Iannix developers and ask them to add
    support for sending MIDI single note tuning messages.”

    where i responded that iannix has a pitch bend message, but i dont know if that is as useful as realtime tuning or midi mpe.
    also there is another response on the cockos forum:
    “Resulting in iannix seeming not to output anything useful regarding musical data, only a too restricted Midi stream (only 128 frequencies) and some geometrical information via OSC. So we need to conclude that there is no chance but to define your own algorithm to convert geometrical information in microtonal notes. This of course is far beyond what what was planned to be a project to convert one musical description data stream in some other format.

    Happily we found that when using Pianoteq (and supposedly a decent lot of other synthesizer software) the output format can be MPE Midi and hence as well “standard” and “ubiquitous” as supposedly efficient and versatile enough for the task.”
    “Please come back if you can find additional useful information about the musical data stream that might be used as a source of a conversion to Midi MPE. ”

    is there a chance for adding MIDI MPE and MIDI realtime tuning to the next update of iannix? thank you.

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