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    I noticed a minor problem with the trigger-offtime feature of triggers:

    The purpose of Trigger-offtime is to cause a second message to be sent some time after a trigger occurs, usually to end a note. However, I found that if there is more than one message attached to the trigger, ALL messages attached to the trigger are re-sent when the trigger off occurs.

    I attached two messages to a trigger, with the first setting up the conditions to play a note and the second to play the note.

    For example the first message attached to a trigger might be a MIDI /cc or /bend , and the second attached to the same trigger might be a /note message.

    This works for setting up and playing the note, but the setup message is also sent again at the time of the note-off, which can incorrectly affect other notes.

    I suggest that only if a message contains the parameter “trigger_value” should the message be re-sent at Trigger-offtime.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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