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    Hi its me again.

    I was wondering how to establish the pitches and timbres of each trigger. Listening to the examples in IanniX I noticed that the sounds are not random, but I can’t manage to find the way to get the triggers to produce the sounds I want.

    Thanks so much!

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    One principle of IanniX is “graphical score”. Pitch, duration, velocity are parameters of graphical position of the triggers (but you can configure that of course). Try first to move triggers or double-clic on it to discover more about IanniX philosophy 🙂

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    Thanks! That’s what I though, I just have to orientate myself round the grid now.
    Another thing, with the curves is it the same principle? Mine simply don’t produce sound and from watching videos of other peoples work I have seen this is possible. How do you get them to produce sound?
    Thank you for your patience. As you can tell this is all very new to me 🙁

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    Yes same principles, but curves are not (by default) used with MIDI — only with OpenSoundControl (for software like Max, PureData…). So they just carry cursors for triggering!

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